Whole Beef Deposit - July/August Processing Date

Whole Beef Deposit - July/August Processing Date


Whole beef range in Sizes 400lb-800lb Hanging Weight 

$4.00lb HW Whole Beef Price includes delivery to butcher and pick-up from butcher. buyer pays butcher fees approx .40lb-.60lb

final price will be approximately  $1600-$3200 depending on final hanging weight. Buyer pays butcher fee's


Raised in the Mountains of Northern Idaho, along the banks of the Coeur D' Alene River we strive to produce the highest quality beef in the Northwest. Strict rotational grazing practices were used to keep our cattle on some of the most beautiful irrigated pastures in Idaho. With pastures rich in clover and a variety of grasses our beef will be extremely nutrient dense. Offered certified organic free choice minerals and vitamins guarantee no nutrient deficiencies here. Always humanly handled, we even move them from pasture to pasture with treats. Never given any Steroids, Antibiotics, Hormones or Vaccinations.

Beef can be custom cut to your specifications, and is available as a whole, half or quarter. Each will include a variety of cuts, including steaks, roasts, and ground beef. All cuts will be frozen & labeled in individual packages. Customers are welcome to provide specific cutting instructions(extra cost), otherwise the butcher will do a standard cut.

Pricing is based on hanging carcass weight, allowing you full flexibility in how to have it cut. For those wanting smaller quantities, we also offer individual cuts.


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